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Account for Top 5 Fakes of Auto Parts

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Account for Top 5 Fakes of Auto Parts

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  Many owners perfer to choose the high price 4S shop to do oil maintenance, but now the market there are a lot of fake oil, the use of counterfeit inferior oil caused by engine pull cylinder, burning tile, there is easy to cause sudden Failure, endanger vehicle and personal safety. So when the choice of oil must be elected word of mouth, good quality.

  2. wiper blades

  Wipers because of the use of very frequent, it can be considered consumables, so the cottage goods have become more, then the owner of the time in the choice of the wiper can check whether the surface cracks, no flexibility even inferior products.

  3. car film

  The role of the car because of the relatively powerful, so many owners will buy a car after the car film, but some low-quality car film may be blocking 99% UV this point ignored, so choose a quality inspection certificate manufacturers and well-known brand is very Important, after all, after-sales rights can also be more secure.

  4. Oil filter

  Filter is also very easy to fake, false seals can also lead to small oil leakage, the internal process is also rusty rust will damage the engine, the filter is soaked in oil after the easy to fall off, the filter will be lost.

  5. Tires

  Tire as a car "feet" is a very important one of the accessories, and if you buy a fake tires, but that there will be a huge security risk. In the choice of tires, the first depends on whether the date was changed, as well as tire tires and wear marks are the basis for judgments.

  In fact, want to avoid buying fake goods, may also wish to look at driving the old drivers are used for many years what the goods, after all, the old drivers say good car it would not be bad!

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