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Which parts of the auto parts are the most vulnerable?

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Which parts of the auto parts are the most vulnerable?

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  Cars have their normal wear and tear, we need to carry out maintenance or replacement on time. However, due to foreign and domestic car environment is different, maintenance requirements and standards are also many different.

  Car environment, including road quality, air quality, climatic conditions, and driving style and habits. Here I think of these, because of the above elements, resulting in the domestic car environment than the performance of the earlier decline in the external components:

  A shock absorber

  Most of the domestic car in the shock absorber life is between 5-10 million kilometers. In fact, most of the more than 50,000 km of cars, shock absorber performance began to decline, driving quality will decline, but most people do not shock absorbers oil spill, abnormal sound, and will not change it. Resulting in short-lived shock absorber reasons, in addition to rotten road, there are slowdown belt! The latter is really Chinese characteristics, foreign really is not so frequent, but also so the car slowdown belt. I interviewed a manufacturer of foreign engineers, said the Chinese version of the models have to specifically deal with the slowdown with the shock absorber.

  There is also a killer to shorten the life of the shock absorber: overload. Often a serious overload once will cause the shock absorber can not be restored performance damage.

  Second, tires

  Domestic car environment, tires bear the "catastrophe" certainly far higher than abroad. The most typical is the nail. Although abroad also have the opportunity to tie nails, but often some natural foreign body, and in the domestic highway, you can really "harvest" to the nails, screws and even the blade that there is no reason to appear on the road things.

  Drum is also a common "cause of death" tires, the culprit is the sudden emergence of large pits on the road or large seams, there is no doubt that the road is wrong. In the advanced countries on the road will never appear this situation, such as the speed of the highway in Germany on the drive, although the road can see some years, but you do not have to worry about suddenly appear big pit, so open Very rest assured.

  As for the tire cracking teeth caused by the cracking of the tire wall, by the driver of poor technology or bad habits caused. In Malaysia there are such a horse Daha driver, but the foreign road is generally not high domestic road, the city road riding horse teeth, usually also can not constitute a big damage to the tire.

  Three, car paint

  Compared to Europe and the United States advanced countries, the domestic air pollution is high, the road dust rolling, so the degree of suffering from the paint is relatively high. But also because the domestic car easy to dirty, love the owner of the car wash the number of times much higher than abroad, although the dirty wash than do not wash, but the number of car wash, in fact, will accelerate the aging of paint.

  Fourth, all kinds of filter

  This is easy to understand. Filter is the car's protective cover, the domestic air is not good, oil is not good, to filter things naturally more. Foreign oil filter can be 23,000 km for a change, air conditioning filter can be 35,000 km for the change. But depending on your domestic car environment, in some places air-conditioning filter 10,000 km for a change can not be too much.

  Five, double clutch gearbox

  Dual-clutch gearbox is a European manufacturer-led technology invention, dual-clutch application in Europe, no problem, but many suppliers of dual-clutch, in China has suffered a reliability problem. Why is the double clutch in China is easy to bad road? The main reason is that in China's driving environment, "stop and stop" and "low speed creeping" these two states occur much longer than Europe and the United States.

  European cities, although there are many traffic lights, large cities are also a serious traffic jam, but there was a car to know, people do not have to plug, driving and parking are more decisive, had a traffic light, may stop twice, every stop Set the 30 seconds; and the same domestic over a junction, the way is to stop and stop 5,6 times, and then low speed peristalsis 7,8 times during the control of low-speed vehicles, must rely on the clutch repeatedly or even half linkage, so the degree of wear and Work conditions will be harsh.

  Six seats

  Why the domestic car seats will be faster than foreign aging? The main reason is overload. Do not underestimate the damage to the seat, especially the abnormal load (such as adults off the shoes on the cushion), the cushion once the collapse is difficult to recover.

  Seven, high beam

  Long time to open the high beam is very hateful, but this does not increase the loss of high beam. The real life expectancy is a constant flash of high beam. Some people overtaking, will be riding a habit of frequent flash of light, although play a warning role, but flashing too much will lead to light bulb bulb easy to burn. In fact, flash twice under the light, the action is not too fast, the same can play the role of warning before the car.

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