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Safety Production Standardization

Date:2018.02.12   Click on: Times


Safety Production Standardization Review


On Sept. 7, 2017, the safety production standardization review meeting was successfully conducted in our company!

The safety production standardization contains these eight aspects: target responsibility, institutional management, educational training, field management, security risk control and hidden dangers inspection and administration, emergency management, accident investigation, continuous improvement.

The safety production standardization, reflecting the guidelines of “safety first, prevention priority, comprehensive management” and the scientific outlook of “putting people first”, emphasizing the standardization, scientization, systematization and legalization of the safety in production of the enterprise, strengthening risk management and process control, focusing on performance management and continuous improvement,being conformed to the basic law of the safety management, represent the direction of modern safety management development,which is the organic combination of management method of advanced security management theories,  traditional security management methods in our country and the company’s actual situation, effectively improve the company’s level of security production, then to promote the fundamental improvement of our country’s security production situation.


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