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Three-Day tour to Wuyuan

Date:2019.06.05   Click on: Times


KINTO specially planned and prepared a collective trip to the China’s most beautiful villages -- Wuyuan, in order to extend the horizons of employees, promote communication between each department of KINTO, strengthen the centripetal force of all members to our team, improve the cohesion and happiness of staff.

During the journey of three days and two nights to Jiangxi Wuyuan, our staff visited Rainbow Bridge, Wolong Valley, “Stone Forest” wonder Lingyan cave, Jiangwan ancient town and other landmark scenic spots. Let us appreciate the natural beauty of surrounding by mountains, picturesque scenery and charming sight, and the ancient buildings, distant mountain, near the water, white walls and black tiles, achieving the realm of the unity of nature and man, then let our heart fly free and enjoy the release of mood.    

There was laughter and lively atmosphere all the way on this trip to the natural green treasure -Wuyuan. There was not only one atmosphere of joy in this way, but more, all kinds of harvest created the youth and the vigor atmosphere, which  embodied the nice team spirit of unity, mutual assistance, cohesion.

KINTO is a big collective, that we need all our colleagues pull together and work harder to get better development.   

KINTO’s tomorrow will be more beautiful, because we are always continuing to improve. 


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