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The overall procedures is that making use of traditional machining methods, according to design and size of drawings, to make the shape, size, relative position and quality of workblank qualified, processing technics are the work that needs to be done before worke
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Machining technological process is the manufacturing procedure of workpieces or parts, using the method of machining, directly changing workblank’s shape, size and surface quality and so on, to become machining technological process about parts process. Such as machining technological process of one ordinary part is rough machining-finish machining-assembling-inspecting-packaging, which is a general machining process.  

Based on the machining technological process, changing the shape, size, relative position and quality of production object, to make it become finished product or semi-finished product, is detailed description for each step and process, for example, rough machining is possible including workblank making, polishing, etc, finish machining is maybe divided into lathe, bench worker, milling machine, etc.

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