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Punching parts are thinner, more even, lighter, stronger than casting and forging parts.To enhance the rigidity, punching can manufacture the workpiece with stiffeners, rib, ups and downs or flanging, which other difficult methods won’t do that.
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FLEXIBLE DIE refers to using low-melting-point alloy like zinc base alloy to manufacture dies, its features are short production time, low cost, short service life, in general, it will be scrapped after manufacturing dozens of or one hundred parts, but die materials can be remelted after scrapped, parts produced by flexible die usually used in products parts functionality verification and rapidly making sample for loading test. Flexible die technology is quite different from quantity production technology, in general, only manufacturing mould as drawing and shaping, the process like middle trimming or punching is usually realized by handwork and laser cutting, moreover, shaping dies need to be shaped to products by one step as much as possible, even much more flanging of quantity products dies technology will be made by forming dies, for achieving these cases, all parts shape are forming from step by step to  bottom dead centre in drawing process.

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