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Principle Analysis of Aluminum Die Cast Liquid Cool Radiator

Date:2017.06.12   Click on: Times

  There are several of the above we can see that in the die-casting radiator in the aluminum die-casting and copper die-cast sheet has an irreplaceable role. Die-casting fan is an indispensable theme, liquid bearing fan is on the choice. Then we say that the liquid cooler it, it is more prominent than the advantages of several radiators, cooling effect is the best.

  Die - cast heat pipe radiator. From its working principle, it can only be regarded as one of the air-cooled radiator. It is mainly rely on the heat sink, through the fan rotation to make air flow to strengthen the heat. The difference is that the brass tube has a thermal conductivity or thermal conductivity agent. According to the temperature automatically equalized heat, conduction to each piece of radiator blades. To achieve the best cooling effect. It works mainly by sealing the brass, taking the air into the lower boiling point of the liquid. When the temperature of the copper tube began to rise, the liquid inside the copper tube will be heat and vaporization, and rely on the copper tube at both ends of the vapor pressure difference to move to the other end. As the temperature of the other end is low, the gas moves to this time, the case of cold liquefaction and reverse flow back, this reverse flow depends on the heat pipe wall structure provided by the capillary pump force. We know that when the liquid into a gas is to absorb a lot of heat, and when the gas into a liquid will release a lot of heat, copper heat pipe is the use of this principle to heat. As well as cooling the wind, it is close to the air-cooled radiator, but also through the ball bearing fan combination. So that his price and performance positioning is more reasonable.

  Now we look at the aluminum die-casting water-cooled radiator, which has two main ways of working. Active water-cooled and passive water-cooled. First, active water cooling, which in addition to all the water-cooled radiator with aluminum die-casting parts, but also to install multiple sets of cooling fans to help heat. Only so that its cooling effect can be a very good upgrade. Passive aluminum die-casting water-cooled completely do not need a fan, only need water cooling radiator through their own heat sink for heat. So there will be some differences in water cooling effect. But the advantage is obvious, that is completely silent. I believe a lot of love overclocking players must like. Installation is divided into built-in water-cooled and external water-cooled two. Built-in water-cooled, mainly by the radiator, water pipes, pumps, water composition, so his "volume" larger. External cooling radiator, mainly cooling water tanks and pumps and other die-casting components all arranged in the chassis, not only reduces the space occupied by the chassis, but also to get better cooling effect.

  In accordance with the favorite overclocking players, there is a set of aluminum die-casting water cooling device is not enough, if your chassis design can not meet the requirements, you can not play the true advantage of water cooling. After all, the water-cooled radiator is very large in size, so the space for the installation of water-cooled cooling room to large enough, so not only easy to install the equipment, followed by the expansion of the capacity is also more comfortable. So to get the most ideal cooling effect, it is recommended to buy water-cooled aluminum die-casting chassis to match the water-cooled radiator. This type of chassis in the cooling effect, installation operation and reliability and safety, etc. even better. I believe that love is also very happy Oh.

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